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Glass bottles need to be placed on a surface that has been kiln washed or shelf paper such as thin-fire paper can be used. This is to prevent the glass from fusing to the shelf. When using kiln wash, be sure the surface is very smooth. Any brush strokes, bumps, etc. will show up in the glass. Even seams between sheets of thin-fire paper will show. This helps counter glass’ sensitivity to temperature variation. Therefore, if you are planning on doing other glass work, or only slumping bottles, a glass kiln is your best choice. However, bottles can typically also be fired in ceramics kilns, which can easily achieve the temperatures required for slumping while also firing clay projects.

Find great deals on eBay for slumping kiln. Shop with confidence. Great for fusing smaller bottles. Be sure to coat with kiln wash before use. This includes the outside of the mold and any shelf you sit a mold on. Bottles must fit inside the mold. Failure to follow.

Feb 11, 2018 · Get the kiln kit here. This is an affiliate link. Click the link to view details. Upcycle Design Lab has no connection to the sellers but does receive a small commission. Fusing with Bottle Glass. Learning to use bottle glass to produce glass art is a really great idea. Not only because there are a ton of projects that can be made, but it’s fun! Because bottles are relatively abundant, there’s less pressure to be perfect.