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Alt.Sex.Stories.Moderated -- the newsgroup, the archive. Site Map, FAQs New users may wish to view a guide to using ASSTR as well as a listing of the many available FAQs. A female stripper takes you into her world. A back-stage and after-hours pass. A glittering glimpse of tons of tax-free cash, talented tongues on clits.

Jess stays late at school and prepares a day out with Emily. Two long term lovers enjoy a night on the couch. Gail goes sunbathing with some new friends. Jessica applies her strict discipline to Sam's daughter. and other exciting erotic at! Sex Only Stories. Tales that are just about sex and lust with little or no romance, although some may involve members of the same family. Some are non-consensual. Latest ones at the top. MF, Mf 13, Ff 13, MFf 13, incest, 1st, father/daughter, mother/daughter, oral, anal, con.

Stories written by Pedo Phil 100% PURE PEDOPHILIA! NOT FROM CONCENTRATE! Stories in this collection are entirely fictional fantasies about adults and children enjoying sex. If . by Blackie (mc mf ff md) Recruits genetically engineered sex slaves from 2222 to recreate Master’s Harem, for the man who helped invent the machine that caused it all. Discover that aliens were really responsible for it all. A collection of short stories about brainwashed beauties, hypnotized heroines, mind-controlling monsters, and more.