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Fantasy sex stories and science fiction erotica from Literotica. From magic and supernatural to outer space. change picture. Sci-Fi & Fantasy Sex Stories Hub. Browse All Sci-Fi & Fantasy Stories New Sci-Fi & Fantasy Sex Stories 4.38 Paradise Found Ch. 05 08/16/19 2. Mar 29, 2012 · When I was little my mother used to tell me that on April 27 if you sang the certain song, a fairy would take human size form, turn you into a fairy, and claim you to be his mate.7.4/10(19).

Preparing for one final experiment. On the Planet of Pleasure a furry find's her niche. His pack's hunting expedition fails and he becomes the prey. A resistance begins to form against the sisterhood. Evil wizard enslaves and transforms adventurer women. and other exciting erotic at! Infection Era. A CIA agent is hypnotised into conversion. Man discovers his cat is more than just a house cat. A middle aged guy finds himself transformed into a sex god. In the far future, a woman becomes one with her suit. and other exciting erotic at!

An engaging science fiction story. (sci-fi, forced, dildo, humor) Shoe Store Slam: A Galaxy Slut Galina Story - by Sakka - Galina Barding reminisces about earlier adventures as a clerk at a shoe store, and later has a four-way (with her two daughters and a young man) . The Pink Ladies by The_Technician «W receives an email from a long time friend telling the story of alien abduction and much, much more.» Rated 95.9%, Read 8703 times, Posted Wed 28th of November 2018 Science-Fiction, Alien, Mind Control, Non-consensual sex, Spanking.

Science Fiction Sex Story: After the Earth is struck by some kind of radiation from space, some people gain super powers. This is the story of one of them. Codes will be added as the story progresses. Notice, the main character is granted a power to change genders, so the point of view narration may be of a female reliving past memories through the narration of a male.