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Some Asian guys have small penises, and some do not. Similar to every other guy on the planet, Asian or otherwise. The notion that all Asian guys have small penises is a generalizing stereotype. I have friends who have been with a few more people than me and they say 8 and 9 inch guys are not rare. 5 inches is small for a black guy, so if its average for everyone else, then they do .

The Final Answer: Why Do Black Guys Have Bigger Penises? Onedio > Women, Men-Added on 9 November 2016, 16:43, Updated on 11 November 2016, 16:55. For that reason, it is believed that the genitals of people who live in the area have developed a coping mechanism against the negative environmental conditions. The cervicals and ovaries of black Author: Celeste Ora. Nov 11, 2018 · I’ve dated black men and white men and had a brief encounter with an Indian guy. My sample size is really small so it is certainly not representative of the whole population of men. This is what I’ll say. The first time I truly, genuinely enjoyed.

I must have seen over 300 erections in my time and I have to say that virtually all of the black penises were well above average while on the other hand there have been many white ones that were well below. I have seen a number of large white ones 7-8" but none huge. The only jaw droppingly huge penises 9-11"have belonged to black men. Sep 15, 2006 · Why black men have a bigger penis. The men in Scandinavia have on average a smaller penis than people from Africa. We assume for the sake of argument that penis length is genetically determined although no scientific studies have identified the genetic regulators of penis length. Why would there be a size difference.

Black Taboos: Are Brothers Really Bigger? We have all heard the saying that Black men are packing in the private area but is this really legend or just another urban myth? As a woman, you can’t even begin to decipher that question unless you have experience in between the sheets with a variety of men from different ethnic backgrounds. The.