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While the fidelity of the scans from this machine are of surprisingly low resolution, especially compared to the higher resolution "naked scanners" using the potentially harmful x-ray backscatter Author: Joel Johnson. Backscatter has the worlds largest selection of underwater compact cameras and underwater point and shoot cameras. Explore this page to see the best underwater point and shoot cameras and reviews.

The TSA installed backscatter technology, or body imaging X-ray, at airports across the United States only to remove them a few years later in favor of machines that are less intrusive. Currently, you will encounter a different type of scanner that does not use X-ray technology. Backscatter offers the worlds largest selection of underwater strobes, underwater video lights, and a detailed inventory of underwater light cables, sync cords, fiber optic cables, and remote triggers.

Nov 18, 2010 · We're still waiting for anyone at the TSA to explain what they've caught with the naked backscatter millimeter wave scanners, but the more people look into these devices the worse they look in. Feb 18, 2015 · The second cracked, “I don’t mind if they want to see me naked, but I hope they took a drink first.” That amusing comment got me thinking about the backscatter Author: Dara Continenza.