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Wood condom demonstrator - the perfect wooden demonstrator for all condoms. Call us: 800-320-3716 Mon - Fri 8am Training Model for Female Condom Demonstration LINDI Pelvic Model. Your Price: $126.00 Amber Clear Latex Condom Demonstrator *Free Shipping on this item when entire order is over $250. Recently Viewed Items. Get Acquainted. May 24, 2013 · The 3B Scientific W19101 condom training model is used for health education, and consists of 20 reusable penis models. The models can be adhered to a work surface with adhesive tape for demonstration, and are made of polystyrene (PS) hard plastic, which has limited flexibility, and can be cast into molds and produced transparent or in various colors.2/5(2).

Male & Female Condom Demonstrators For Educational Purposes. Female Condom Demonstrator: The Female Condom Demonstrator is a training model; It is a simplified representation for educational purposes and is used for demonstrating and teaching how the female condom is correctly inserted. Safety Works. Committed to serving the not-for-profit community and others, we purchase our products in the largest possible quantities to lower costs so that our customers are able to buy the necessary supplies to match their needs.

An excellent Condom Training Model, Heavy Duty - for demonstration and “hands-on” experience in use of a Male Condom. The Condom Training Model is manufactured in a soft, flexible Hard To Brake Vinyl, and is adaptable from a flaccid to an erect state. Mounted on a smoked Lucite® stand. 1 Wooden Condom Demonstration Model. 1 Emergency Contraception Brochure. 1 Rapid Response Pregnancy Test. 1 Tus Opciones de Metodos Anticonceptivos Brochure. 10 External/Male Condoms. 1 Enfermedades de transmisión sexual (ETS) Brochure. 1 Internal/Female Condom. 1 Anticoncepción de Emergencia Brochure. 1 Dental Dam. 1 Laminated Pill Pack.

Condom Training Models, Sex Education, Contraceptive Models, Contraceptive Education, STD Prevention, Female Condom Training Model, Male Condom Training Model, Condom Training Models, Condom Training Models, I.U.D Trainer, Female Condom Model. Jul 10, 2006 · Condom Demonstrator [Sexpressions Sex Ed] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. These wooden condom demonstrators are designed to help teachers and health care professionals demonstrate how to use a condom correctly. Condoms are 97% effective at reducing the risks of unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections4.6/5(3).

Male Condom Training Model An excellent model for demonstration and “hands-on” experience in use of a condom. The model is manufactured in a soft, flexible vinyl and is adaptable from a flaccid to an erect state. Mounted on a smoked Lucite® stand. Supplied with instruction manual. The Male Condom Training Model is an excellent for Sex. Male anatomy models illustrate sections of the human body specific to the male sex. Doctors, particularly urologists, can benefit from having male anatomical models available for patient demonstrations. Medical and biology instructors will also find male anatomy diagrams useful in explaining the complexities of the male reproductive system to their students.