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how to get a longer orgasm - The ONE Secret To A Longer Orgasm

Aug 03, 2011 · First, get undressed and lie on your back using a pillow for neck support. Your legs should be bent and spread, feet together in butterfly position. If . Oct 29, 2015 · The ONE Secret To A Longer Orgasm. By Lea Rose Emery. and be patient— the more worked up you can get yourself the better the chances of having a Author: Lea Rose Emery.

Orgasms will tend to last anywhere from a few seconds to less than a minute for most people, most of the time. Orgasms for people with vaginas often tend to last a bit longer than orgasms for people with penises -- but for people of all genders, we're still talking within an average of a few seconds to around 30 seconds most of the time. Forget about doing this in order to have a longer orgasm. Don’t speed up at all. Establish a rhythm and stick to it until the very end. No matter how much you would like to speed up at one moment, keep it slow. The slower you go, the slower your orgasm will come, but it will last longer and it will be more intense.

The vast majority of people have little difficulty getting to orgasm solo. Pay particular attention to the type(s) of touch and the erotic fantasies that get you over the hump. Compare that. Jun 05, 2015 · The only thing better than an orgasm is one that lasts for a full minute. Yes, the 60-second climax really exists, according to Emily Nagoski, Ph.D., author of Come As You Are: The Surprising New Author: Whitney C. Harris.