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This includes a detailed semen analysis for men. One of the first tests doctors order is a semen analysis because sperm abnormalities are very common. A semen sample must be collected in order to evaluate sperm. This can make many men uncomfortable. Samples can be collected at home or in a private room at the laboratory or clinic. Mar 17, 2019 · Abnormally low sperm counts can also be caused by certain medications, recent illness accompanied by high fever, and exposure of the scrotum to heat (as in a hot tub). Smoking, obesity, and excess alcohol intake has been linked to low sperm count. Often, the cause for low sperm count .

The sperm count is provided in millions per milliliter (ml). Sperm motility, morphology, and vitality are provided in percentages. The unit measures or reference values used might differ from lab to lab, should you repeat the semen analysis at a different clinic. The WHO's reference values used today are the ones they published back in 2010.Author: Zaira Salvador Bsc, Msc, Zaira. Sluggish sperm, diminished sperm motility, and normal forward sperm progression are some of the terms you'll see on your semen analysis results. Here's how to read and understand your semen analysis results, plus an easy-to-understand description of normal sperm cells.

How to Read the Test Results A Positive Test Result. If you see a Test Line (at the T Position) in the results window, your sperm count is at least 20 million per milliliter. About 90% of fertile men have sperm counts above 20 million per milliliter, so a positive test result indicates that your sperm counts are at the level needed for conception.