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Daily Diapers is the premiere community for Adult Babies, Diaper Lovers, Big Kids, men and couples; Plus stories, diaper reviews, videos, personal ads, message boards, polls and so much more! website, either by clicking on "you may enter" below, or through other links or bookmarks, you certify that you are an adult over the age of. Jul 31, 2019 · The Adult Baby, Diaper Lover & Incontinence Support Community. A forum for AB/DL & IC people. As with the rest of ADISC, threads asking how to become incontinent are discouraged. Threads 1.8K Please be sure to observe the story rules at the top of the forums. Finished stories should use the prefix "Finished". Threads 491 Messages 8.6K.

Chelsea liked to be in control, until they came along Jacqueline and daddy go on a picnic. Jacqueline's adventures with daddy continue. Jacqueline has a soaking wet adventure filled weekend. Husband resigns himself to his role. and other exciting erotic at! is an adult only age-play website and thus stories here may contain content of a strictly adult nature. Certain stories may feature underage characters (although we do prohibit stories which feature children engaged in scenes of a sexual nature). Content here is for entertainment purposes only.

Some diaper lovers are adult babies, but not always. The Diaper Lover Lifestyle. Diaper lovers are generally people who enjoy wearing diapers without a medical need to do so or enjoy watching others wear diapers for sexual enjoyment, but without the associated role-playing as a baby. Andrea earns embarrassment and discipline. Tricia learns another lesson while in bondage. A trip to Poland for dental implants becomes much, much more. Doctor Sloane shows her girl what happens to bad patients. and other exciting erotic at!

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