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As the need for people to help those who are searching to improve their lives is great, I have elected to move into this position now rather than later. With that, I performed my last regularly scheduled Comedy Hypnosis show in Pigeon Forge / Gatlinburg on September 22nd, 2018 @ 5:00 PM. We had a blast and it was a very emotional experience for me. Best Known For: The funniest hypnosis show in Las Vegas! Hypnotiq starring Michael Johns and Terry Stokes is not your average comedy routine – sure, the comedians/hypnotists are the same every night, but you are guaranteed to get a unique experience each time.

Comedy Hypnotist Michael Oddo - Transform your event into a can't-miss sensation and the most talked about subject for weeks to come with Michael Oddo's Interactive Comedy Hypnosis Show. You'll watch your friends, family, and coworkers rock-out on air guitars, belly dance to Arabian music, and furiously compete in a cow milking contest; all while under Michael's power of suggestion. Jul 26, 2014 · ABOUT THE SHOW Join us for an exciting evening with this one of a kind show. Las Vegas is known as SIN CITY and has the best variety entertainment. You can see sold out comedy adult hypnosis shows, up and coming comedians, and the sensuality .

Michael has also performed on all the major TV networks, on the radio and even for Royalty. He has produced shows with entertainers from all over the world! Michael's show is a wild mix of comedy, magic, and hypnosis with a little ventriloquism tossed in for a one of a kind show. This is the show people will talk about for years to come! After scoring some last minutes tickets to Hypnosis Gone Wild, I was definitely curious about what the night would entail. It's open seating at this event for the most part and we were seated center staged. Depending on the night, you'll get either Terry Stokes or Michael Johns.4/5(4).

JECOBIE’S COMEDY HYPNOSIS DINNER SHOW Non-Stop laughter, and entertainment and one of the funnies shows in Branson! Prepare for a mind-boggling experience as Master Stage Hypnotist Jecobie Roberts takes the stage with her own extraordinary personality, delivering an energetic and highly entertaining performance. Her quick wit and natural showmanship lend a special quality to each .