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As expected, older adults with HD reported more severe hoarding, psychiatric symptoms, functional impairment, medical comorbidity, and attention problems than did controls (See Table 1). 1 HD participants were also more likely to endorse health risks including risk of falling (59.6%), fire (53.8%), poor hygiene (32.7%), poor nutrition (19.2%), medical problems (28.8%), and insect infestations Cited by: 17. Oct 30, 2014 · Older adults with HD are at increased risk for falling, fires and mold in the home, poor hygiene and nutrition, and medical problems. The level of perceived risk increases with hoarding symptom severity. Food contamination, social isolation, and medication mismanagement are also problems with older adults who are compulsive hoarders.Author: Mary E. Dozier, Catherine Ayers.

Hoarding results in serious side effects for older adults, including: Preventing emergency care – firefighters or emergency medical technicians (EMTs) Causing physical danger – increased risk of falls or not being able to move around due to Refusing home help – won’t allow anyone into their. When hoarding disorder occurs in older adults, or in the home of an older adult, special consideration must be given to the risk and capacity of the elder. Elder Protective Services. As a protected class under state and federal laws, older adults must be protected from abuse or neglect which may result from hoarding disorder.

Anxiety, OCD and Hoarding in Older Adults Seniors and OCD. People with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) have persistent, Hoarding and Aging Adults. Compulsive hoarding, the excessive collection of items, Treatment for Anxiety Disorders. The research on treating anxiety disorders in older Author: Marlo Sollitto. Compulsive Hoarding in Older Adults. Hoarding is a common problem with serious risks to health and safety. This course describes the signs of compulsive hoarding, the trajectory of the condition, and how it affects the individual’s behavior and ability to function at home and in the community.

Dec 11, 2012 · Hoarding in older adults also comes with a unique set of potential perils. Not only can hoarding cause physical danger — increasing the risk of falls in a home crammed with stuff, and creating hazardous or unsanitary conditions — it can also indicate the Author: Sarah Stevenson. Frequency of Hoarding in Older Adults 15% of nursing home residents and 25% of community day care elder participants hoarded small items (Marx & Cohen-Mansfield, 2003) Rate of hoarding among elders in private and public housing is unknown, but some frequency counts are available: Elders at Risk Program, Boston 15%.