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Swivel seats Vehicle seating made simple. Swivel seats can offer a great alternative to wheelchair accessible vehicles, enabling both drivers and passengers to transfer into and out of standard vehicles more easily. Call our team on 01444 882233. Special Needs Seating & Positioning. Our adaptive seating and positioning systems provide support for special needs and physically disabled individuals. We offer a wide range of solutions from cushions and seating to the tables and trays where they sit. Active seating allows the individual to move, encouraging flexibility and movement.

Transfer Swivel Seat Cushions For Chairs And Cars. Disability, Handicapped Cars. Transfer swivel cushions are swivel chairs for cars which assist people with certain physical disabilities such as impaired lower mobility or pain in their hips, knees and feet to get in and out of their seats more easily. Specialist, Clinical, Tilt in Space Seating designed by Martina Tierney Occupational Therapist. Used in nursing homes, hospitals, palliative & home care. Specialist Seating Company for Disabled Adults and Children - Seating Matters.

How Are Seats Assigned to Disabled People? Francisco Airline Seating. Hence, FAA regulated that carries are not permitted to deny boarding but they may deny a passenger the wish to seat in an exit row if that particular traveler is in one of the following situations. The LINK is one of the most customizable seating solutions on the market. It still utilizes the original seat from the vehicle, but has the ability to be programmed for other movements such as: tilt, rotate, recline and lift. Adapt Solutions LINK can be installed in many popular models of .

Oct 10, 2008 · The Caroslide from Autoadapt is a remote control operated car seat slider. A neccessity for getting in and out of the car when you usually have problems. Available at www.ktduk.com.