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Best for Thrill Seekers. Most of Disney World's rides are pretty tame in comparison to the attractions at Universal Studios across town, but Disney's Hollywood Studios offers two major exceptions. Best Orlando Theme Parks for Adults. Best: Epcot — The most non-traditional park out of all the Orlando theme parks, Epcot offers the chance to experience many of the world's cultures through sight, sound and taste. Shopaholics (raises hand) will love strolling through the World Showcase shops. Epcot is the only place in the U.S. where some.

The Walt Disney World Resort is full of attractions, shows and more for all age groups. But while the common perception is that these parks are only for families, there are plenty of things for adults to do here while on vacation with their children or without! Jul 18, 2018 · Talk about why in the comments. Last week, we posed a few question here on the blog and on Twitter.. Your choice for best overall park food other than Epcot at Disney World was overwhelmingly Animal Kingdom, which took 2/3 of the votes.

Which park for adults = any park. They are all different and worthwhile. If only one of the two at Universal I'd pick Islands of Adventure which has several great thrill rides and includes the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.At Disney, Epcot has a reputation of an "adult park" much to do with all the food and drink options/countries. Magic Kingdom has the most rides overall and is the iconic. Feb 04, 2016 · The consummate guide breaking down where to stay and what to do at Disney World as an adult. to Disney World besides the parks? Well, there is! Author: Rebecca Dolan.

If you pay for your Disney meal on the spot with a credit card, use one that gives you the best payout on dining. Most Disney World restaurants do code as dining charges, even within the parks. This makes the four points per dollar awarded on dining with the American Express® Gold Card our top choice. Featured photo courtesy of Walt Disney World.Author: Summer Hull And Edward Pizzarello. All Disney parks allow guests to bring in meals – it’s a great way to save some serious cash. Another way to save some serious money is by knowing what’s free, but do you know about the SECRET Freebies at Disney World? Best Disney World Park for One Day: Epcot.