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Shy wife goes on a cruise and meets two men. The girls have another party, dad gets worried. Two lovers and their journey to each other. John finds out what position his boss has in mind for him. The babysitter's friend gives me the help I really need. and other exciting erotic at! Proofreading sex stories by Mat Twassell M: MF coll. Dear Celeste, The other evening I noticed one of your reviews of internet sex stories: you offered a sex-story proof-reading service. How does that work? I'm not sure I need proof-reading so much as I need advice on how to write a sex story. Let me explain.

Consensual Stories: The newest story is at the top, oldest at the bottom. Each has been marked with the appropriate codes and, in small print, the story word count. UPDATE. Tempest has graciously offered to host my site so my stories are not lost with the unreliability of (which seems to be losing functionality daily). Full codes, in this case, would spoil the suspense and surprise of the story. Codes: MF, slow, rom, caution, oral, pett, preg. The Book Model (PREVIEW) PLEASE NOTE: This story is a free preview of Lubrican's Short Stories - Vol. 3, available via Summary: Julie, bored and lonely, decides to get a job posing for illustrations for a sex manual.

The Kristen Archives are a free erotic story resource for consenting adults. Please come back often. They teach each other a few things about sex, and start a beautiful relationship. (M/f-teen, inc, ped) At 15, she was about to find out how the children's story could lead to adult pleasure as Uncle Dave and she hiked the Blue Ridge. Short Sex Stories, New Sex Stories, Adult Fictions, Erotic Sex Stories, Free Sex Stories, Real Sex Stories, Erotic Fictions, Erotic Short Stories.