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Assessment Strategies and Reading Profiles (ASRP) offers research-based assessment strategies to improve reading instruction for Adult Basic Education (ABE) . READ: Reading Evaluation Adult Diagnosis. Basic literacy assessment tool to evaluate students’ oral reading. FREE Download of the assessment tool, recording pad, teacher pages, and training guide are available on this page. Overview. Free Resources & Correlations. Write a Review.

Reading Comprehension Practice Test 1. Questions 1 through 7 refer to the following passage: In the 16th century, an age of great marine and terrestrial exploration, Ferdinand Magellan led the first expedition to sail around the world. provides free unofficial review materials for a variety of exams. Feb 15, 2015 · Adult Literacy Research Institute along with community partners developed an adult reading assessment resource, informally referenced to the International Adult Literacy Survey (IALS) and now aligned with the Alberta Reading Benchmarks. Read Forward is a low-stakes assessment of reading skills for adults, helpful in identifying both the reading skills adult learners have gained and the.

What reading level are you? Use the Macmillan Readers level test to help find your reading level. Choose the right answer to each question and use each image as a clue. Welcome to the Macmillan Readers Level Test. This test will help you find your reading level. Choose the right answer to each question and use each image as a clue. My Favorite Free Online Assessments! TEACHERS, CHECK THIS OUT: A Great Assessment Resource ~ CLICK It is a data base of assessments! You can hone in on exactly what you want to assess and at what level. There's also a handy test comparison chart! PLEASE SEE MORE FREE LITERACY ASSESSMENTS ON MY LIVEBINDERS.