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This quiz is as scientific as I could make it. Which is to say, I put on the lab coat I used to wear when I was a teacher at a Science Centre many years ago. It’s also based on what I’ve learned from interviewing the more than 70 experts who appear in our videos and documentaries, and then I. For example, David Allen, creator of Getting Things Done, assumes you already know how to plan and get started. But, of course, that’s not necessarily true for adults with ADHD. And these assumptions result in a lot of frustration for ADHD adults who try to use systems like GTD “right out-of-the-box.”.

ADHD blogs offer all that — and more. They bring information, personal stories, and a way to connect with like-minded people. And blogs are tailor-made for those with short attention spans. So adults with ADHD can read entries without feeling overwhelmed, as they might feel slogging through a book.Author: Kay Marner.